Prolapse Month! Part III – Interview With a Prolapse: Buskowianka

Buskowianka is a bit different to the other prolapsers I have been in contact with. For one he’s a straight guy, and seems to do all his anal play by himself. I find it fascinating when a straight guy goes for this, so I wanted to ask him about his journey. Find Buskowianka here: TwitterJustforfans Read…

October 14, 2023

Buskowianka is a bit different to the other prolapsers I have been in contact with. For one he’s a straight guy, and seems to do all his anal play by himself. I find it fascinating when a straight guy goes for this, so I wanted to ask him about his journey.

Find Buskowianka here:

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1. Tell us about the beginnings of your prolapse. How long ago did you begin? What gave you the idea in the first place to train it? Was it a natural thing you noticed and decided to enhance, or did you grow it from nothing?
My journey began around 2015. At that time I was browsing through some porn and noticed female pornstars able to prolapse just a little bit. I was unable to get any information regarding how to proceed with prolapsing so decided to try it out on my own. I was desperate to get a small mucosal prolapse that would be just slightly sticking out 🙂 Little did I know back then, that as soon as I hit 5 cm diameter capability, I would prolapse but much more than expected! Guess I’ve gone too hard too quickly. It took me around 6 months to be able to take up 5cm wide buttplugs and I believe that was the major factor that started prolapse in my case. I used to train my anus daily, truly fantastic experience haha. I believe it was matter of hard work rather than any sort of genetic predisposition etc. I used to be stuck with small prolapse for months and I always pushed myself to go further, to discover new methods how can I improve and speed up the process. I’ve invested lots of my free time into researching reasons behind the prolapse as well.

2. What do you like most about your prolapse? Are there any specific physical characteristics about yours that you particularly enjoy? And what about the act of prolapsing, what turns you on about training it and having it?
Being able to play with it whenever I want! I’ve always dreamt about having prolapse so big that I would be able to casually push it out and I achieved it. Of course, currently my goals have changed and I’m still wishing for a bigger size. I love how pinkish it looks, how wet it becomes with just a a little arousal and how it always leaves a wet mark on my underwear whenever I’m in the right mood. It’s the sight of increasing length that gives me motivation to pursue my dreams. Whenever I imagine I could possibly be the only person with such a prolapse, it sends my sex-drive over the roof!

Another thing is I’ve always dreamt about being able to casually push out my prolapse and then use it as a toy – you know, wrap it around my penis and stroke until I achieve bliss 😊 However, that still belongs to my dreams.

3. Do you see it as a purely positive aspect of your body? Are there any negatives, eg. issues going to the toilet; incontinence; prolapsing by accident etc.
Nowadays, I dont see any negatives to having a prolapse of my size. In the beginning I used to deal with lots of bloating and constipation. It took a serious amount of time until I managed to adjust my habits, eg. eating and daily routine to avoid such stuff. Surprisingly, I dont have such symptoms anymore.

I dont notice any sign of incontinence either, apart from some moments when I make dietary mistake and suffer from its consequences – diarrhea can be unbearable for me. Meaning, most probably I wouldn’t reach the toilet on time. That’s a negative. But never had any issues regarding prolapsing by accident. It does only protrude slightly while bearing heavily ex. Heavy objects.  On the other hand, having a prolapse means it’s much easier to clean myself and prepare for anal play. I can always use it for self pleasure and I immensely enjoy the fact that it’s never going to turn back to normal again. 🥰

4. What’s the timing of your training regimen like? It seems like you have periods where you train every day, and then stop to have a recovery period to let your guts return to normal digestive function. Is this out of caution, or have you had problems before?
I often train just before going to sleep. I believe this helps to gain the extra length, as muscles are already worked up from a long day, I find it much easier for myself to train at this time of the day. Letting myself rest is important in my training regime, my best routine involves playing each day until bowel movement happens. Then I give myself a few days of rest to normalize everything and ensure progress has been made. I’ve had no problems related to bowel functioning but noticed they are working much faster if I play too often.

5. What is it like being a straight guy who pleasures his asshole?
Hmmm. Quite normal I guess. Meaning, I find it natural to seek pleasure within my own body. Learning to pleasure yourself doesn’t imply you are gay or straight. Personally, I find it quite arousing when people look at my pics and act surprised saying: wow, straight guy playing with his ass, it must be a hoax! However being 1 in 1000000 other people or even more, who can do such stuff with my asshole is fascinating. I hope to be able to gradually move my boundaries to an even higher level. And if people think it’s gay I don’t care nor mind it.

6. You also have a partner; how does that affect your training and your prolapse in general? Does she have a relationship to your butt/prolapse?
I do but prefer not to share any details 😉

7. How do you view the potential dangers of having a body modification that goes wrong? There seems to be a danger of having the gut get stuck outside the body, losing blood flow, and then having to get it operated on and losing your ability for anal pleasure. Is that just a risk you are willing to take or do you think such a danger is exaggerated?
Such danger is very real and should be thought about carefully before deciding to go for it. Chances of it happening are low in my case, I have full control over my muscles and never been in a situation when for example it got stuck outside. No matter how big it becomes, I can always pull it back inside. I would find it concerning otherwise. Bad stuff can happen… Nevertheless, it excites me to the point I’m willing to take all risks and see how far can I go.

8. Describe how it feels to prolapse. Everyone wants to know 😀
It’s similar to pooping. You push out a very long, hefty object but you never get the exact feeling of release, instead, whenever you push out your prolapse you feel slightly relieved as the pressure in the abdomen is partially released. I’m not sure if I’m the only person that finds it pleasurable though!

In touch its wet, soft and hot. Maybe not too hot but temperature is slightly higher than body’s temperature.

9. Do you have any horror stories that involve your prolapse? Eg. falling out in public.
Horror stories? Don’t think so. There were some situations when I felt endangered but it was more due to having objects stuck in my ass rather than anything related to a prolapse. Ex. Got a tangerine 🍊 stuck inside and had to push really hard to get it back outside. Not a long time ago, got an apple stuck in similar way but much much higher. Thankfully, I was able to retrieve it as well 😅 Playing with round objects is risky.

10. Question from a twitter fan: have you given your prolapse a name and/or star sign? If so, what and why?
I haven’t and never thought about it to be honest 🤣 Guess it’s a she but giving her a nickname would be too much for me haha. It’s the way I care about it makes me think that way 🥰

11. Any rarely heard tips about developing the prolapse? Do you have a favourite/most effective technique?
This is the most discussed question among the community and I find it most concerning. The reason is, everyone is built a little bit differently. Our anatomy varies from person to person and what works for me, possibly won’t work for anyone else. It took me long years to find out my most effective routine and I believe that if someone wants to follow my steps despite knowing the consequences, he or she would have to do some research and carefully choose exercises that would work best for them.

All I can recommend is to be playing as often as possible in a way that would traumatise anus as much as possible. Inserting buttplugs suddenly, and suddenly getting them out. Fisting rapidly exiting and reentering inside the rectum. Rapidly increasing size of the toys. Also, taking time to research prolapse is very important. With knowledge comes greater understanding.

12. Any extra words of wisdom to budding prolapsers out there?
Actually yes! Back in the times I was starting there was little to no information regarding this topic. Still I find it concerning up to this day so I would suggest doing as much research on your own as possible. Learn the human body, learn your body, learn to listen to yourself. Never trust people telling you to do something if you feel unsure with it. It’s your body and you have the right to do with it whatever you want. I won’t endorse prolapsing among all people on earth but I’m pretty sure if you’ve already been doing this for few years, then you will be able to achieve the same results I have.

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