Prolapse Month! Part II – Interviewing Timmyph, Thunderhoof, and HungerFF

In this article: Read my other Prolapse Month articles:Part I: Prolapses: The Good, The Bad and The UglyPart III: Interview with a Prolapse: Buskowianka Now that you’ve read part oneall about prolapses through a more medical lens, we get to have dessert. And have I got a treat for you! Interviewing the people behind the…

October 14, 2023

In this article:

  • Interviewing the people behind the prolapses
  • 7 things we talked about
  • These are a few of my favourite prolapse vids

Read my other Prolapse Month articles:
Part I: Prolapses: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Part III: Interview with a Prolapse: Buskowianka

Now that you’ve read part oneall about prolapses through a more medical lens, we get to have dessert. And have I got a treat for you!

Interviewing the people behind the prolapses
On a recent Sunday I got to have a Holesome Chat with Timmyph, HungerFF, Thunderhoof. You can watch it by subscribing to my patreon here. Timmyph phoned in from a highway rest-stop together with the famed Jayevil in the car seat next to him (we were enamoured with Jay’s surprise appearance); HungerFF was live from his sabbatical/holiday apartment in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, looking fresh and glistening in the sun; and Thunderhoof and his adorable doggy came to us from his place somewhere in Ireland. And we chatted all things prolapse.

I admit that Timmy, Hunger and Thunderhoof all belong to my wank bank. Chatting with them for Holesome was such an experience for me because I was focused on their faces rather than their buttholes for once, and I felt the humanity come flushing back into my face – I’m sure I blushed like a schoolgirl. And I had to pinch myself as well, because this is where I am now, interviewing my sex idols and getting to know them a little bit. And no, knowing them doesn’t make them any less sexy to me. It’s just a matter of refocusing. I might end up watching them less and want to play with them more…but no, their buttholes are at the top of their game – why would I stop watching?

Here are some cool things we talk about on the Holesome Chat:
1. Fantasy vs real life.
This is number one because it’s the most important. Hunger mentioned the potential of his body getting injured from the prolapsing if it goes too far. He has mentioned to me on a few occasions how the viewer, especially in live sessions, might only have their fantasy in mind, which is to see Hunger’s prolapse out to the max – something that might end up causing injury or needing assistance to get put back in (however unlikely a scenario that may seem). It’s important to differentiate between a fantasy of endless prolapse on a pornstar, and the reality of what a person is able to do safely with their body. Zoom out a bit and I classify this as seeing the people beyond their sex acts, or in this case the people behind their prolapses. This even belongs inside the discussion of sex work is work. I won’t get into it any further, just wanted to sketch that thought for you briefly. Think about it next time you goon out to someone prolapsing.

2. How it feels having one
Timmy said that he loves the feeling of having a prolapse because he can feel the pressure in his guts that are outside, pulling it out. That makes a lot of sense when you think about it. We fist bottoms all appreciate the pressure of something against our insides, especially deeper in – it isn’t about the nerve endings of the asshole so much, but rather the pressure of things moving around, stretching and moving the guts. This is like the inside out version of that. for the part that is outside (the rectum), and the tugging of that on the guts that are inside. Hunger mentioned the term Prolapsing For Pleasure, something that he has discussed on some mainstream podcasts: the idea that prolapsing is pleasurable in the same way someone might have a wank. PFP anyone?

3. Shitting with one
Yep, everyone wants to know. The guys give the last word on this, and Hunger revealed the truth for the first time! All three guys said they have a lot of control over their guts. My understanding was that this doesn’t happen to Thunderhoof. Timmy had no comment on the matter… So maybe it’s completely individual? And stop asking this question because apparently nobody wants to think too much about shit. The End. Btw, if this is a fetish of yours, go to and search for it. You’re welcome.

4. Putting Timmy back inside requires special skill, and obviously Jayevil has played enough with Timmy to know exactly how to do it. We talked briefly about the technique of putting it back in, but it has to be seen to be believed. It certainly takes patience and tenacity, and I can’t wait to take the practical test myself. Interestingly, Thunderhoof and Hunger can suck theirs back in most of the time, though Hunger raves on about how much nicer/easier/more intimate/sexier it is when his top helps him out with it. Can we call this putting the baby to bed?

5. Get out, and stay out!
Keeping it out for a long time does become uncomfortable (except for Hunger apparently, who has sometimes left it out for hours, and even fell asleep with it out once). Having its circulation cut off is a real thing, and a logical concern to have. Thankfully all 3 of their loose holes don’t have too much of a problem getting their guts shoved back through them. However I do sometimes have nightmares of Timmy’s guts getting trapped outside forever and falling off. Hot, right? 

6. Growing it
Thunderhoof is adamant that you shouldn’t do things like pump your prolapse. He told us that every bit of growing he has done has been from using toys. All three of my prolapsing trio agreed that their prolapse started incidentally; it wasn’t something they had the goal of attaining. Growing it after that seems to have been easy. That is a lot of anecdotal evidence for prolapsing being nature rather than nurture. Buskowianka (a straight prolapser) has a bit of a different take on it – read his Prolapse Month interview here.

7. Actually coming together to talk about their prolapses with each other was something that had not yet ever been documented. The Brothers Prolapse! I am super happy that I was able to facilitate this, and I highly recommend you go watch it. They go off on all sorts of tangents about their prolapses, and it was all fascinating to hear. You can watch Holesome by subscribing to for as little as $2.

Now it’s time for dessert. This is a list of some of my favourite prolapse vids, you nasty fuckers. Get those poppers ready.

1. My all-time favourite: HungerFF and Pumpermike (where Pumpernike extends Hunger’s prolapse by ⅓, only available at

2. StalkerFF Double fisting a giant prolapse

3. Meat on a boat

4. Brik7 and Bottom_FF

5. Thunderhoof Pissing and prolapsing on a wooden floor (only available at jff)

6. Pup_tr4c3r

7. Budman

8. Eli Zaheer

9. Timmyph’s prolapse ring

Or the bootleg for ya (Timmy I hope you don’t mind!):

10. Timmyph asshole to armpits

And finally some special mentions:

IncredibleGuy – the most recent addition I’ve seen.
@prolapseenhance from Australia, growing his prolapse nicely.

Punchboy, of course

Check out @dungeonsanti on twitter for the craziest dark fantasy drawings all dedicated to prolapses.

Next up: Part III of Prolapse Month: I interviewed Buskowianka, a straight, passionate prolapser – go check it out.

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You’re welcome.


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