Prolapse Month! Part I – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


October 14, 2023

Hey everyone! With the expansion of my blog I decided to delve deeper in to specific topics – to allow myself to fall down the rabbit hole, so to speak. I couldn’t resist starting with a topic that is near and dear to my heart, prolapses. So Prolapse Month became a real big thing, eventually taking me 3 months to research and write about, and including interveiws with prolapsers , containing perhaps more discussion and information about prolapsing as a sexual fetish than ever before. I’m keeping the name Prolapse Month because Prolapse Quarter sounds like a serving suggestion.

 Prolapse Month ended up including a video interview as well as 3 blog posts:
Part I: The Good, the Bad and The Ugly (stay on this page for that below)
Part II: Interviewing Timmyph, Thunderhoof and HungerFF
Part III: Interview with a Prolapse: Buskowianka

In this article:

  1. Intro to prolapses
  2. The medical side
  3. Can you make one?

What I write here is intended to be purely informational. I have spent MLFB’s first Prolapse Month speaking to prolapsers, researching it as a medical condition, trying to understand it from an anatomical perspective, and wanking to it all month. I’m tired. Happy tired. But  I’ve been worried about how to present this information responsibly, as I know that some of you who read this are trying to make your very own prolapse. My aim here is not to encourage that. I am simply portraying prolapsing as it is for some people in reality, and you as informed adults can do with that information what you want. I do find it mindblowingly sexy, which is why I chose to cover the topic, but that alone is not intended to encourage you to damage yourself. Consider me the Paul Morris (Treasure Island Media) of blogging, haha.

Any time I write disclaimers on my blog about the information I present is because I am showing you as obviously as I can that you are responsible for yourself. This is a courtesy, it is not legally required. Consider this my latest disclaimer.

So here we go. You’ve been warned.

If you follow me on twitter (@jazzmatazzoz), then you no doubt know by now that I am crazy about prolapses. They’re so polarising, I know, and prolapses aren’t for you please ignore this or read with bemused amusement. For me, prolapses started as that car crash I just couldn’t look away from. I admit that when I started to realise I was incredibly turned on by them, I had to go through an acceptance all over again. First acceptance: gayness. Second acceptance: fisting. Third acceptance: prolapse lover. I’m not sorry, and I’m not going to say that I am. Countless times I had to throw my laptop across the room in disgust as soon as I orgasmed over a prolapse vid, knocking over yet another glass of red wine and tulips in a vase. Now that I’m a responsible adult, I own it: I’m a connoisseur. I love the weird tongue-like shapes they make and their gurgling noises, their different colours, the way some of them struggle to go back inside. I love how each one behaves differently. And I love the way the guys with them really, really enjoy the feeling of pushing them out. I could argue how similar the obsession is to that towards fisting itself, but I know that I don’t need to be changing anyone’s mind; if you get it, great, if not, I don’t care. But I, like many people, am fascinated. So this January push has come to shove: I decided to declare this month Prolapse Month on my blog, and interview some of the biggest prolapsers in gay porn.

Hold up, I don’t understand, what actually is it?

Rectal prolapse, which we commonly just call prolapsing in the FF community, is when a part of the end guts, which are reddish in colour, protrude through the butthole. Its baby sister, the rosebud, is something most fistees obtain early on, as your butthole gets loose enough to let a little bit of your rectum say peek-a-boo if you push hard enough. A Prolapse is less peek-a-boo, more alien monster come to terrorise your neighbourhood. It is the whole rectum coming out through your asshole. You’ll know it when you see it, and it is much more rare / harder to attain than a simple rosebud.

We’re gonna unfurl this early on, because I want to make sure you know that rectal prolapse is considered a medical condition. Remember that I’m not a doctor, so I’m only presenting my understanding of what I’ve read. There are actally two kinds, the partial rectal prolapse that presents like a plump donut outside of your asshole. The second kind is the full rectal prolapse, which is obviously when the entire rectum comes out through the asshole. Pretty straight forward. Rosebud < partial rectal prolapse < full rectal prolapse.

It’s considered problematic only in cases where it’s dangerous or unwanted. Prolapse is rarely a medical emergency (many sources state that, eg. Mayo Clinic), specifically when the rectal tissue loses blood supply. In cases where this happens, it’s because it becomes stuck outside (aka an incarcerated rectum, love that term), and is strangled by the asshole. The rectal tissue can become gangrenous, i.e. die. It turns black, really unpretty, and needs to be removed. Other emergency cases include when the tissue is injured, making it subject to infection, so having it outside the body becomes dangerous as that’s where foreign pathogens such as bacteria are. These two situations are an obvious medical emergency. A prolapse might also have ulcers, which is a problem kind of separate from the fact that the guts are prolapsed, but just as much requiring medical attention.

Why prolapse usually happens

Prolapse happens for a number of reasons, and simply google image searching rectal prolapse will expose you to pretty much all of them (N.B. not for the squamish – look at your own risk). Newborn babies with abnormal development might have rectal prolapse, as might women who have given birth. Malnourishment, constipation, and disease are common factors. Age is also a factor: the usual wear and tear on the body over time might cause it to happen, just as you can expect with many other aspects of the body slowly shutting down – cancer, arthritis, and various other defects that unfortunately appear over time. Prolapse can be unhappy, unwanted, and potentially dangerous, ultimately because getting the rectum back inside might not be possible. In other cases it goes back in but won’t stay back in, and incontinence occurs. Operations to rectify prolapse involve various methods of cutting the protruding guts away, sometimes involving a stoma bag for a time, i.e. diverting your shit into a bag while the guts heal.

Despite the above information, we fetishise prolapses, and some of us do want to make our very own little alien baby protrusion. This is complicated. I have talked to one particular prolapser who doesn’t show his online because he doesn’t want others to get dangerous ideas of forcing themselves to prolapse. I used to try to make it happen; my little rosebud and I loved the feeling of a cock pump on my guts, but it would bleed, and I felt like I was doing some damage pulling at it for so long, trying to force it further out of me. Ask me privately and I’ll tell you exactly how depraved this compulsion got before I eventually gave up on that idea, because it didn’t feel safe. I got over it eventually and gave up on my attempts, opting instead to enjoy those guys who actually have one. My verdict: be very mindful of any damage you may be doing to your body. This is not a game, and you might be putting your precious guts at risk of serious injury. In other words, don’t try this at home. The people who do train their prolapse have a lot of experience with their body, and sure you need to start somewhere, but following what they do is something you do at your own risk. My stupid antics could have put my butt permanently out of action, and that would be a damn shame, because I would have sacrificed my fist bottoming – something that has given me the best feelings I have ever had in my life.

So, can you actually make yourself a prolapse?

The jury’s out on this; some think yes, some no. What I do know is the following: the guys (specifically fist bottoms) I’ve spoken to who have a monster prolapse say that it happened with not much encouragement. Their bodies were built this way. They prolapsed early and accidentally, and decided it wasn’t so bad after all; it hasn’t been a danger to them, and for the most part they have come to find it pleasurable and sexy. In medical studies I’ve read, prolapse has been attributed to deficiencies in ligament structure in the pelvic area, as well as the makeup of the gut’s connective tissue, and maybe also even having slack pelvic floor muscles. And it seems that these structures in the body are genetic: either you have the slackness, or you don’t. Finding out whether you do, well, that’s a matter for some exploration. If you get fisted, probably you know by now how easily your guts see daylight when you push out. Got a rosebud? Same here – nothing special. Actual meat hanging out more than 3cm? Maybe you’ve got the prolapsing gift. Trust those who have one: they all let it happen naturally, rather than forcing it. What they do with it after it appears by itself is another story for chapter two… TL;DR: prolapse is more nature than nurture, and cit out is only going to work if your body is predisposed to it in the first place.

What about the danger of rectal incarceration etc. for fisters prolapsing?

This is inconclusive. I have spoken with multiple prolapsers who haven’t had a medical problem with incarceration/tissue dying, and haven’t experienced it getting infected or required medical help for their prolapse. But just because anecdotally I haven’t heard about it doesn’t mean that that doesn’t happen. Be vigilant and informed, and play gently, and use the fisters’ rule of thumb: if you suspect injury during play, go to hospital. I will say this: it is my understanding that incarceration of the rectum happens when the asshole is tight and won’t allow enough space for the guts to go back in. Surely this is unlikely in fisters because our assholes are just so fucking loose. With a loose anal canal you seem to be able to just suck the prolapse back inside you (or have someone shove it in with skill, like in Timmyph’s case). This belief is based only on the videos I’ve seen and chats I’ve had with people who prolapse, so don’t quote me on this and don’t take it as fact. For the last time, I am not a medical professional and I don’t have definitive answers on this.

Now that the serious stuff is out of the way, you probably need a palette cleaner, so watch this stunning vid of Timmyph having a big old happy prolapse. And after that, check out part 2 of my prolapse exposé: “Conversations with prolapsers: what I learned”, where I look at the following:

  • The people behind the prolapses
  • What they say
  • The interviews
  • My favourite vids

Cheers, fuckers.


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