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There Comes a Time in Every Young Gay Fister’s Life


There Comes a Time in Every Young Gay Fister’s Life

Hi! Welcome to my blog about all things fisting. This incredibly pleasurable, fairly difficult, and sometimes mysterious art has fascinated me since I first started having sex, and over the last five years it’s been my primary sexual activity. In the last year I’ve had some suggestions from other fisters to write a blog, perhaps mostly because I won’t shut the hell up about all the techniques, feelings and fun facts associated with my favourite pastime. That- coupled with my minor passion for writing, as well as a desire to give something to the fisting community- is what is motivating me to start this and see where it leads. I think this blog speaks mostly to fisters starting out (or thinking about it), as I plan to clarify lots of aspects of fisting so that you guys aren’t left making stabs in the dark, as it were. Of course experienced fisters are more than welcome to read and comment too; each person’s experience will be different, and the best information is collected through diversity and dialogue. 

I plan to structure this blog sometimes as just that: a log detailing my current experiences as I have them. I’ll also make frequent detours to subjects that need to be discussed. Seeing as I don’t have the pleasure of fisting more than once or twice a month, expect an entry about as often as that. Please do feel free to comment with your observations, experiences and questions. Don’t be shy; no question is too stupid. I hope this can become a place where ideas are shared in the kind of supportive and friendly atmosphere for which fisters are so well known. There are some other fisting blogs as well as networking platforms out there, and in a later post I’ll direct you to them. 

To round out this first post, here’s a little information about me and about my relationship to FF. I’m 28 years old, from Australia, now living in a small city in Germany (many people consider Germany- or specifically Berlin- the fisting capital of the world, but I’m not so sure yet). I arrived 5 and a half years ago, which is coincidentally the same time I started fisting. Back then people were amazed that this short little twink actually had it in him, and while I’ve grown up a bit since then I’ve kept my childish grin. I work in the classical music industry and 95% of the time I really love it as well as my new home.  As for my fisting, it started off with a couple of fun butt plugs. Then during Cologne Pride 2012 I met a nice guy at a sauna; he tripped and I fell and the heavens broke out in song because a new fist bottom was born. My progress since then has been like this:

  • Regular practice using plugs, trying fisting with a few different guys as both top and bottom;
  • Fisted a very experienced guy to the shoulder before I even knew how the whole thing really worked
  • Found a regular, focused mainly on bottoming until I could take it properly with less pain, and learned some important techniques
  • New regular, more punching, mostly bottom, stopped practicing, first experienced the unparalleled pleasure of taking fist
  • Became a punching freak, pushed to take it longer and faster with lots of different guys;
  • Gave a guy an anal orgasm by double punching him
  • Found a different regular, explored my top side more, became more of a sensitive fister
  • Played with a bigger variety of guys, joined online social networks, got more into the idea of double fisting
  • Met my current regular (an immensely talented bottom and top, much moreso than me!), taught him everything I know from scratch
  • Began doubling him, began taking a double myself, and became more interested in depth play
  • Present day: taking a small-handed double punch on a good day, growing my sigmoid width with dildos to take a deeper fist, and still discovering things about my body.

Don’t worry if that potted history wasn’t easy to read; I’ll divulge many gory details about my experiences in future posts. Lastly, here is a list of topics I will definitely be writing about:

  • Douching
  • Lube recipes, oils, anaesthetics
  • Fisting partners vs fucking partners
  • Body types, inside and out
  • The range of feelings for a bottom, and bottoming psychology
  • Techniques and responsibilities for topping
  • Fisting culture, drugs and addiction
  • Sex as play
  • Chemistry- Width- Depth- Toys of all shapes and sizes
  • Danger: what to avoid, and how

Cheers guys,
xtube, recon: jazzmatazz

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