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The Never-Ending Douche


The Never-Ending Douche

I just had a terrible douche that must have taken about 2 hours.

Happy New Year!

I just had a terrible douche that must have taken about 2 hours. I’m currently writing to kill time while I wait for my ass to relax again, before hopefully trying some toys. Here’s what went wrong:

1. I  neglected to take my fibre supplement for the past 2 days

I take psyllium husk powder, but there are other things like Metamucil that also keep your fibre intake up. This is super important to make your douching quicker and less painful. It helps your crap to clump together. I started using my supplement about a year ago, and I’d forgotten how much of a difference it makes. Take it away again, and cut to me being a sad sorry mess sitting on the shower floor surrounded by a couple of kilos worth of bits of carrot and potato skins. Remember your fibre, gentlemen.

2. I didn’t exercise yesterday

…aside from the short bike ride to and from work. On days that I exercise, my digestion flows better. If I don’t, I get that bloated feeling, like my food is just sitting around. 

3. I ate red meat.

Bad news. It takes forever to digest, and doesn’t like to come out all at once.

It’s also worth mentioning that I tried douching last night already, gave up because of the same issues described above; then woke up this morning and had another go, with the same result. Still, positivity is the key. Maybe my ass will bounce back and I’ll have a great session. If this problem happens to you, give your ass plenty of time to recover after you douche. It’s also not the end of the world to just give up if it isn’t working.

Take your fibre. Stay active. Watch what you eat. Have fun.


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