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That searing pain!


That searing pain!

Just a quick one this time ladies. You know that searing pain you sometimes get from putting that first thing inside your butt, at the beginning of your warmup? It comes on because you try to put something in too quickly without really waiting til you are relaxed and ready. Take your time, you have all the time in the world. Also, the pain does NOT mean your ass doesn’t want sex, you just need to pause, take the thing back out, and wait for the pain to go away. It passes, and then your ass will start to feel great, you just need to give it time. If you want to avoid the pain altogether, start suuuper slow, regardless whether it’s a hand or a toy. Breathe, focus on your body, and eventually your ass will suck the thing in instead of you having to push. I don’t mind the pain these days, it is a sign that good feelings are just about to start. Enjoy that knowledge. 

A dildo is inside me as I write this. 

Love you long time,


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