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SPIKE: A Next Generation Depth Toy


SPIKE: A Next Generation Depth Toy

I’m very much into depth toys again lately, so it’s time I review Spike by Topped Toys. I spent a good few months allowing this monster to get to know the depths of my soul/hole, and it has become a staple in my butt’s silicone-based diet. Now all you depth-interested honey’s, sit up straight and pay attention, for it’s time to get Spiked. 

The first thing I want to tell you about Spike by Topped Toys is that it feels incredibly soft. Just like all the Topped Toys, this one is made of platinum silicone, which has time and time again proven to be the most gentle material on our holes; it’s what all the good toys by all the good brands on the market are made of. The point here is that you need a material that is gentle on your guts, because way up in there they can be a) fragile and b) difficult to navigate, with individual twists and turns that you can’t see and sometimes can’t predict, especially if you are exploring new territory. The Topped Toys boys know how to be good to my guts, and I love them for that.

Following my obvious obsession with the Grip 134 and my subsequent blog articles about it (read them here and here), the handsome guys at Topped Toys were lovely enough to send me their depth explorer, the magnificent Spike. It looks pretty comical, a bit like a dinosaur tail or a tentacle of some mythical monster of the deep, which is surely deliberate; the Topped Toys brand continues to exhibit great attention to detail as well as flair and a sense of humour in their designs. Sex is play after all, so why not go all out? They currently produce four different sizes, so just like all their other ranges, they take care of beginners and experts alike. 

Getting to know Spike
When Rod from Topped Toys checked what size I would like, my greedy hole remembered that it had tried one of the smaller sizes previously during a play date and had made it disappear in one go with a quick flutsch, so naturally my rectum, second ring, sigmoid and descending colon screamed in unison  “Give us all you’ve got!”, so he sent me the Spike 125, measuring 12.5 inches in circumference at the widest point, with a total insertable length of 16 inches. Seeing as its shape is like an extended cone, slowly growing in circumference as you go down on it, by the time you reach the bottom the tip is nice and deep inside you already, tickling your guts in the cutest way. It didn’t take long for me to understand that the 125 was the perfect fit: good to warm up my depth, straightening me out to a depth of 14 or so inches while also stretching my asshole out at the bottom. I’ve pushed it in over its ovular rim many times now (or rather allowed some of my tops to shove and shove until it goes in and I gasp in satisfaction/discomfort/determination/intimate trust before spitting it right back out of me and calling for a break. So yeah, Spike 125 remains a challenge for me, which keeps it exciting. As with the other Topped Toys plugs such as the Grip and Gape Keeper, my fantasy is to be able to keep it in while doing the shopping or at least while smoking a joint in the window. That’s definitely worth noting about Spike: once it’s in you over the rim, it’s a butt plug too, plugging you way deeper than any other. Mmf!

4 reasons why Spike is my go-to toy for depth
1. Playing with it alone works well, which can’t be said of many depth explorers – they are most often too smooth to grasp while your hands are full of Crisco and you are in poppers heaven, you dirty squealing fucking pig. Spike has 5 ridges that make it easy to grasp and shove deeper into your needy butt. You can go down on it on the floor, or put it up against a vertical surface and still control it. Sticking it on the shower wall is possible too. 

2. He’s a great opener, reminding my guts we’re going deep now and everything’s fine – almost like a soothing caregiver for everything up there sigmoid+. Afterwards I am ready to tackle some thicker depth toys that would otherwise be uncomfortable without having Spike in there first. 

3. If I am having a fist session with someone, Spike is one of the dildos I pack in my bag every time, because not only do I use it to open myself up, I also love to put it in other guys too, especially if their depth is not quite as advanced as mine. Together we can count the ridges as they go in, making it easy for the bottom to measure his progress and take things at his own pace. For that reason, as well as its soft gentle material, it’s a great one for progressing with your depth. Just choose a size you think will be a reasonable combination of challenge and pleasure. Personally I just put my size 125 in every fister I meet and get them to slowly take it at least over the fourth ridge. 

4. That challenge of the rim. The fantasy of truly mastering the rim and getting Spike to rest inside me over a longer period is something that keeps me curious. At first I was disappointed with myself that I am having trouble mastering it, but hey: everything takes time, and the important thing to focus on is the pleasure and development I achieve week by week. Spike has already managed to make me much more ready for depth exploration with longer toys, thicker toys, and more aggressive toys. 

What my FFriends say
I’ve got a number of friends developing their fisting game, especially in terms of depth, who have bought Spike in various sizes and swear by it, because it combines pleasure (the material, the shape, the idea) with measurable development (the ridges really make this toy). Just last weekend I fisted one of my regulars deeper and more comfortably than ever before, because it has been working on the larger two sizes of Spike.  If you get this toy, let me know how you go with that nice deep tickle 😉

Now go fuck up your butt. 


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