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Special Edition: Things I learned from FFriends


Special Edition: Things I learned from FFriends

Here’s a nice long list of tips and tricks I picked up from ffriends over the years, many of which I consider to be counter-intuitive. It’s amazing how much information you can exchange with partners between the fisting sessions! Enjoy.

Topic: douching

Your gut is unique. Guts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each with individual turns and sensitivities, so some but not all of these tips will work for you. Here’s what I picked up from different ffriends about their douching habits.

  1. Stand to douche, making the way out straighter than squatting.
  2. If you do squat, do it with your left leg fully bent and your right leg straightened either fully or partially. The idea is that this helps create a straighter line down your left side, which is where your descending colon and sigmoid are located.
  3. Don’t douche for more than 10 mins at a time. Your gut works while you take a break; if you keep putting water in there it just irritates things more.
  4. If you are having trouble but think there is something in there, detach the douche wand and put it in there by itself, making space inside without pushing water in there. The water could just be pushing shit further up instead of making it come out; space/air can help give the shit the opportunity to come down.
  5. The “Fuck My Life” position. The story: a friend had been douching already for two hours and it wasn’t getting clean. He put his forehead against the wall, slumped his shoulders, relaxed his torso and sighed, and stuff just came flowing out. This one works for me actually.
  6. Put a thin, soft, long dildo inside to straighten the passage for shit to come out. Take some poppers for extra relaxation/fun. Don’t forget to add vaseline or some kind of oil for lube that won’t wash off with the water.
  7. Though I don’t condone drug use, they kick-start the digestion process. Various drugs including coffee will kickstart the digestion process. Eating will do the same.
  8. Body temperature water is ideal for going inside, though if you want to relax a bit, use some very warm water and point it at your hole without entering. It’s good at helping your involuntary muscles relax. It’s like how a mama dog licks her pups’ buttholes to help them to poo.

Topic: techniques for the top

  1. Add an extra twist to your punching, literally. Turn while inside, either just inside the hole or at the depth of your insertion. Some bottoms love it, especially those with more experience.
  2. Tickle with your individual fingers just inside of the hole. 
  3. When stretching out inside, aim for different areas of the rectum, using a careful, slow fucking motion. Pay attention to which movements the bottom really enjoys, and repeat those movements. Doing it with a half-closed fist helps, i.e. have your index and middle fingers bent at the middle and upper joints only. 
  4. When aiming for a double fist, your first hand should be the bigger one (your dominant hand is normally bigger than your non-dominant one). 
  5. Doubling is a lot easier if as you enter the second hand, you begin to roll its fingers around against the palm of the first hand. Imagine that the ends of the fingers are glued to the palm of your first hand. Doing that makes best use of the space you have, rather than going deeper or wider than you need to. Avoid going deep with the first hand – that just complicates the feeling for the bottom.
  6. To help opening the second ring, massage it in a circular motion using slightly bent upper fingers. The second ring has sweet spots that open easier, and you can find them by experimenting.
  7. Be predictable. If you are punching, start by having exactly the same movement each time, with the same hand. Read the bottom as you go, modifying it to find what hand position he really likes. When you find it, stick to it. The more predictably you move, the more the bottom will relax. Unpredictability is for later once he is in the right zone. 
  8. For really experienced bottoms, pulling out fast is amazing. It’s a mood. Be careful of bleeding.
  9. Holding a fist inside and not moving can be transformative for the bottom. He can find a sense of calm and ownership of the fist. Suggest that he gets used to it, making it feel like it belongs inside him or feels like it’s nothing, just sitting there in the rectum. As an extension he can try pulling on the fist. That always helps me get deeper into the bottom mood.
  10. Read the bottom permanently. Be constantly searching for how he is feeling and what he needs. Read his hole as well as his mind – sometimes these two don’t have the same opinion! What the hole wants, the head might not yet be comfortable taking. Your job is to have his head reach the same place as his hole. When you get there, he is relaxed and you can do a lot more.

Topic: techniques for the bottom

  1. Breathe deeply and slowly, and focus on this breath while extreme things are happening to your body. This is a common meditation technique. Count breaths in and out, eg. 1 in, 1 out, 2 in, 2 out etc. Start again at 1 when you lose count. 
  2. Behind pain/discomfort lies an immense amount of pleasure. If you are experiencing pain, often all it needs is time to let the body warm up into it. Try continuing and see if there’s a change. Sometimes taking a break also helps a lot. 
  3. For dildo play: Move your torso around or back and forth when aiming to get a dildo in deeper. The second ring will be happy with that. 
  4. For dildo play: if squatting down on it isn’t feeling good, try a horizontal approach, attaching it to the wall, a bed post or some other contraption of your design. You can find examples all over xtube for this.
  5. Avoid excessive use of poppers. I should take that advice. There is a point where poppers lose their effect due to overuse. It’s also not always productive to be out of your mind horny when you are extending yourself. Instead, focus intensely on the feeling, take things slower, and you will have a more authentic experience that may produce a more lasting result. 
  6. If something unpleasant is on your mind (an argument with a friend, you’re embarassed about your body, you feel intimidated playing with someone more experienced), the fisting is unlikely to work unless you come out and talk about it. This is a reason why taking time to connect with your playmate in discussion is so helpful. Connect minds, converse, say what there is to say, release yourself from your concerns and let your partner do the same, and allow each other and yourselves to be imperfect. To put such effort into our sexual pleasure, only to then have it go badly because our minds are not playing along, leads to very disappointing experiences. Get it all out, be authentic. This will free you to relax, and will also lead to a more connected experience with your partner.

This post is a work in progress. It will be added to as more information becomes available to me through further exchanges with my playmates. If you are a playmate of mine and have something you would like to add, let’s talk next time.





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