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Rosebuds and Prolapses


Rosebuds and Prolapses

Yes, it’s been a while. I moved to Berlin one month ago (imo the fisting capital of Europe, if not the world), and have been stupidly busy with moving and my job ever since. Slowly but surely my partner and I are building our lives here. I’ve had limited time for fisting, but the little I have done has been pretty fantastic. Just today I had a gorgeous short (and sober) session with a beautiful muscle guy I’ve been planning to play with for perhaps a year. We’re both professional musicians as well, so there was a lot to talk about. I giggled a little each time I got a peek of his rosebud, and it got me thinking I should finally write an entry about it. For those not particularly familiar with them, here are a few questions and answers that might help. 

Q1: What is a rosebud?

A: It’s when the red-pink rectal tisssue can be seen coming through the asshole. It can be a little or a lot. A small amount of it kind if just shows up for a second when the bottom pushes out, and then will disappear back inside again, a bit like when you poke your tongue out cheekily. Most fisters I’ve met find it quite cute and sexy. Some find it attractive from the beginning; for others it’s an acquired taste. It’s not something to be alarmed about, though medical professionals will tell you it’s a medical condition.

Q2: What is a prolapse?

It’s the big version, the rosebud’s 7 foot tall and very hung cousin. This is when a fair bit more of the rectum falls out and stays out. Again, some people find it very sexy (guilty!), and it’s like an additional fetish (as if we needed another one to add onto the actual fisting). This is indeed a medical condition and is totally fucked up, but hey why not, you only live once. If you show yours to a doctor they will recommend surgery to get it cut out, using the argument that it makes shitting inconvenient. If I had one I wouldn’t really care that I have to sit in the shower every time I take a shit, because having one would be buckets of fun. You  can push it out and pull it in, wag it about, pull it apart like an elastic band and make a game of pushing more out, have your top suck it, fuck it and slap it, you can jack it off, and you can pump it. As I said, buckets of fun. Not sure how it feels when all that is happening because I don’t have one, but check out HungerFF on xtube/twitter/justforfans as an example (he’s a pro so you have to pay to watch most of his vids). It is truly amazing, even if it’s fucked up beyond belief. 

Q3: How do I make one?

The jury’s out on this one. Some guys have one naturally, and other guys make themselves one using various techniques. I developed a little rosebud fairly early on in my fisting career, and it’s my go-to party trick that ilicits many a delighted squeal among my friends. I’ve tried pumping it to make it bigger, but I haven’t noticed and marked increase in size. Pumping feels great though, so now and again I whip out the old pump just for fun. Other techniques I’ve heard of are a) pushing out for extended periods on the toilet, b) taking a good punching as well as a good stretch out deeper down in order to dislodge the guts from their place in the body, and c) putting soap into the rectum to irritate the skin so that your body strains to push out somewhat involuntarily (if you have any love for yourself and your ass this is something to avoid). I tried using a vacuum cleaner on it not long ago and, while fun, is not a great idea unless you have a wet-dry vacuum cleaner that can guarantee no water gets into the electronics. Otherwise *poof!* you could sizzle your cunt, and then no more fisty-fisty for you!

So what can we take away from this? Love the rosebud or not, but don’t judge others for their interests. It comes down to aesthetic taste and the personal idea of what is erotic. To check out if you might like it, here are some examples:

Hoss Kado

(warning, he’s also superduper pretty):


TimmyPigHole together with HungerFF:

And that’s what you missed on Glee!
– Jazzmatazz

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