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I have a lot of things I’d like to tell you, some physical, some psychological. All of it relates either directly or indirectly to fisting for me. Initially I had planned to write a couple of chapters here about all that’s been going on in my personal fisting world (a lot), but it was all becoming way too long and sometimes I was really wandering off into my thoughts without having an audience in mind. So, I decided to create this: a reality tree. Each idea gets one line; new line, different idea. Every line is a reality I desperately want to share with you, because it’s helping me become a better fister and a better man. Some of these are new ideas I’ve had since I turned 30 a few months ago, which was a big positive psychological milestone for me. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything, just keep reading. Here we go:

  • Take time and pleasure in acquiring knowledge in areas you’re passionate about.
  • You don’t need to be fisting as much as everyone else. You just need to make it good. 
  • Come to terms with drugs and fisting going hand in hand. Be headstrong in your decision.
  • Always play with others’ safety as the top priority.
  • Douching gets easier over time. More open, easier evacuation. 
  • Take fibre supplements, silly.
  • Shit goes out, fist goes in. Relax.
  • Read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”. Philosophy for the modern person. 
  • When things go wrong, be angry, but don’t be angry that you’re angry.
  • Sometimes when getting fisted my ass and mouth connect and I say the strangest things.
    (like “you can go much deeper now.”) 
  • Be a slut. Encourage others to be a slut. You’ll be dead before long.
  • Fist with people you like because of their attitude, not solely because of how they look. 
  • Douche in short rounds. Could take 3 or 4 rounds, but your ass will thank you. 
  • Use time wisely. Break between douching? You can set up your play space or mix lube.
  • Don’t take yourself so goddamn seriously.
  • If you’re in your twenties: yes, it gets much better!
  • I smoke pot and I have awesome ideas and I love it. 
  • Give up on goals. Your body will show you what it wants. Let yourself be led. 
  • There exists a fisting feeling where you’re in pain but you find it hot that you’re in pain.
  • Orgasmic plateau is a thing. Find it. Feed it. 
  • You won’t always be into the same kind of fisting. Tastes change. Be led. 
  • Fist with nurses and doctors. Learn from them.
  • Take away at least one tip from everyone with whom you fist.
  • Never tell your bottom to just relax.
  • I’ve only heard of fisting accidents when the bottom is upright riding the top’s arm too hard. 
  • Don’t use crystal meth. It rots your brain, and the recovery time isn’t worth it.
  • Experiment with other fetishes whenever you’re given the chance, just to see. 
  • The brain develops itself when you extend yourself outside what you know. 
  • Lifting weights makes your hands and arms less sensitive, but more powerful. 
  • Endurance is important in fisting. Exercise frequently and eat right.
  • Always begin with some conversation to relax yourself and the other person.
  • Find unity. Sometimes this happens with speech; other times with non-verbal cues.
  • It’s just an internal massage, not an extreme sport. Be sensitive first, harder later.
  • In the sigmoid the guts really spiral around in a clockwise direction. Follow that.
  • Take your time on a fisting day, but at the same time keep up the pace. 
  • Take a whole day. There’s nothing better for relaxation than having nowhere to be. 
  • If unsure, pack the lube and gloves just in case. 
  • If things don’t work, just look forward to next time. Anticipation is wonderful.
  • Allow yourself to fall in love a little with your partners. It’s such an intimate thing.
  • Never use anyone else’s lube. 
  • If you fist at a club take care of hygeine. Travel disinfectant is your friend.
  • Dancing with a fist in your ass is really fun.
  • Getting beyond the elbow is quite an experience as top.
  • Know the anatomy like the back of your hand.
  • Let criticism be a positive experience. Be honest if your top is crap.

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