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The Top/Bottom Fallacy

First a bit of an update! The blog site is undergoing an overhaul with my new web designer. We had our second meeting yesterday and I noticed just how detailed he is. We’ve made many fundamental design decisions already, and he’s working on all the finer details now....

Reasons Not to Spray

Trigger warning My aim here is to inform about and to discourage the use of ethyl chloride sprays. If you are triggered by drug use and overdose, consider carefully whether you want to read this, especially the testimonials quoted further down in the article. Common...

A Few Truths About the Fisting Community

Some of you will know by now that I’ve been dividing my blog up a bit differently since launching, exploring bigger themes in more depth. My first big theme within this new format was prolapses, and if you go to my homepage you’ll get practically...

Prolapse Month! Part III – Interview With a Prolapse: Buskowianka

Buskowianka is a bit different to the other prolapsers I have been in contact with. For one he’s a straight guy, and seems to do all his anal play by himself. I find it fascinating when a straight guy goes for this, so I wanted to ask him about his journey.Find...

Prolapse Month! Part II – Interviewing Timmyph, Thunderhoof, and HungerFF

In this article: Interviewing the people behind the prolapses 7 things we talked about These are a few of my favourite prolapse vids Read my other Prolapse Month articles:Part I: Prolapses: The Good, The Bad and The UglyPart III: Interview with a Prolapse: Buskowianka...

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Jazzmatazz is a fisting podcaster...

…and blogger living in Berlin, originally from Australia. A musician by trade (composer, arranger, conductor, singing teacher and pianist), parallel to his professional life he also developed an enthusiasm for sex information and journalism, documenting fisting and kink since about 2016. His writing began as a way to help him understand better how to fist and get fisted, and with encouragement from ffriends the blog gained momentum and popularity with others wanting to know more as well. Jazzmatazz’s earlier information about all the basics of practical fisting helped to lay the land for himself and other beginners, while standing on the shoulders primarily of his first fist trainers, as well as some existing fisting bloggers and book authors (and even one instructional film maker, and one cartoonist). These days, My Little Fisting Blog still focuses on the physical and psychological aspects of fisting, while inevitably documenting the changes in Jazzmatazz’s fisting and sex life generally. No fister stays the same, and the scene evolves, so there is still plenty to discover and discuss. His blog article aimed at increasing awareness about the fatal dangers of ethyl chloride spray gained significant attention in the fisting community, and he engaged a ffriend to write for the blog about his experience having a colon perforation injury from fisting. He has now begun to set his sights on analysing the broader chemsex based approach to fisting, aiming to help the community find better ways to reduce harm. His video discussion series, holesome, includes interviews with HungerFF about drug addiction and recovery as a fister; discussions with StretchFF about the fisting community through time; an exposee on prolapsers, and documenting his potential court case in Germany’s twitter porn purge. In 2020 Jazzmatazz teamed up with Bigbuttgeek to create Such FFun, the world’s first ever fisting podcast. Now in its 4th season, the podcast has helped so many people take the plunge into fisting, and to navigate issues such as drugs, social media, kink, porn, anatomy, prejudice, douching, mental health, sex toys, and the scene in different cities in Europe and the United States. He lives with his husband opposite a cemetery in Kreuzberg, Berlin, unfortunately still with no cat. You can support Jazzmatazz on