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How to Clean Your Ass: Two Links

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How to Clean Your Ass: Two Links

Douching time! I’m happy to give more tips on this too, but for now I’ll direct you to these two good resources. 

First up is this very clear and informative illustrated guide to both short and long douching (or as described there, fast and full). I literally just saw it yesterday for the first time, and I’m so happy because it means I now no longer need to sharpen my coloured pencils and make my own.

Secondly, an xtube video showing both the theory and then practice of good douching technique for more basic play, i.e. not going beyond the rectum. Perfect for fucking and for fisting to the wrist. Obvi NSFW.

I have one tip to add here: take a fibre supplement. The illustration mentions Metamucil, which is fine. I swear by the natural supplement psyllium husk, which can be found at your drugstore as a powder for mixing into water. Before I started using it I would sometimes need to douche for nearly two hours (deep), and my ass would get tired and not want to play anymore. This more than halved my douching time. Changed my life. 

Enjoy your douching pursuits, and feel free to share how it works for you. Don’t forget, every ass is different, and it’s pointless getting upset if yours doesn’t seem to work as easily as others’ do. Your special talent is surely waiting patiently somewhere else.

Make it good.

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