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Grip 134 and Me: A Love Story, Part II


Grip 134 and Me: A Love Story, Part II

This is a continuation of my discovery of Grip 134 by Topped Toys. Since writing Part I, things really took off and so I wanted to write you some further thoughts on the beautiful feelings going on in my ass. I can certainly recommend it for those wanting to get their ass to the next level in terms of making space inside. Go for Grip 134 to practice for a medium sized double fist; if you’re not there yet, go for a smaller size and get that awesome locking in design that other plugs on the market are missing. 


This plug ended up feeling out of this world. I confess, I haven’t been into plugs for a long time, favouring long deep dildos for the last few years. This plug actually changed me, and I am not exaggerating when I say I have never felt such powerful pleasure from a toy. I concluded mid-session last weekend that this is the best toy I have ever had… Now that I am down from my anal high and therefore of sober mind, I can confirm that at least as far as a width toy goes, this is the thing. This is the plug we have all been waiting for. 

It’s a developmental process, like most things

Previously my ass felt like it was not quite big enough to keep Grip inside. Getting over the edge and having it settle completely inside me was so intense (however immensely pleasurable), and I would often quickly have to orgasm and then take it out (read: tug on that mofo very hard). However now, after many attempts and letting my ass go through its different moods as it does, I’ve been able to get to a place where she just accepts Grip’s double fist feeling and finds a space of peace while she gets hollowed the.fuck.out, YES Shaniqua! So yeah, I’ve been on a journey of development with my Grip 134, and development through practice is the name of the toy game. It’s a hobby similar to playing an instrument. So Grip 134 is my ass’s new favourite instrument.

They should dub this toy “Fuck Me Sideways”, because that’s how it feels.

What helps of course is the impeccable design I mentioned in Part I: how the plug actually locks in place due to the taper from the rim to the neck; it gets sucked in intensely, and it won’t come out without some real tugging. Picture me walking around cleaning up my play space with it inside, feeling crazy fucking intense, having a nice long shower with it inside (still feeling fucking intense), going to bed with it inside (but failing to fall asleep because it is so damn hot and fucking intense), all for a total of about 30 minutes of comfortable and fucking intense double fisting. And that is the best part: it’s double fist practice; ain’t no top gonna keep his hands inside you patiently for 30 mins while you get used to the stretch!

A couple of things I noticed now that I’ve been using it for a while

  1. I got obsessed. Last weekend I would take it out and go do something else, but 15 mins later my ass would get needy again and a moment later the plug would be right back inside me again. And each time it felt just as intense.
  2. I spoke to Rod at Topped Toys and he suggested noticing how it feels wearing it for an extended period in different positions and noticing differences in the way it feels. Walking around it kind of swivels a little with the movements of your pelvis. Kind of hot, if intense. Everything about this plug is intense. Laying on my back, one of Rod’s recommendations, is quite lovely, as is on my front, and doing squats is gonna take some getting used to…ugh, writing this has got my ass totally in the mood for it again.
  3. As I mentioned, my ass goes through moods: sometimes it wants it rough, sometimes wide, sometimes deep, sometimes just in there. Sometimes it’s fresh, sometimes it’s tired, and each time Grip has a different effect on me. Every time is intense, and every time feels like a nice solid double fist, but the most fun I have of course is when my ass is fresh and willing to stretch wide.
  4. At those times when my ass’s condition is right, I hold it in and pretty instantly I reach an orgasmic plateau the likes of which I only ever get when actually fisting (and even then the fisting has to be excellent). The intense beautiful heavenly electricity emanating from my ass all over my body is second to nothing else on Earth. And I get it from this plug. It’s astounding. I’ve had a lot of wonderful feelings from toys, but I honestly didn’t think this feeling would be attainable from a plug. Hats off to Topped Toys.

If you buy Grip, I have some further recommendations

  1. Gird your loins. This is indeed not your daddy’s plug. It’s a wild ride. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply, especially when you are pulling it back out. That minimises your panic at the intensity of the feeling.
  2. Remember that the insertion has two stages. Stage one is going over the rim, and stage two is the taper pushing it deeper inside you. It kind of clicks in and as it does you’ll make a funny face and squeal almost every time. It still comes as a bit of a shock to me. Pure intensity, and fun.
  3. If you’re like me and would prefer to apply lube as little as possible, make it nice and thick so that it stays on the toy better rather than pooling at the bottom. Playing with toys you need to reach a certain trance-like pleasure zone, and stopping to reapply lube distracts from that and can be messy, requiring a bit of clean-up before continuing.
  4. You can position it on a box, but I have since learned that on the floor works fine, you just sit rather than kneel, extending your lower legs as much as you like with your feet splayed out quite far. This position actually helps give more pelvic space for the plug to sail on in. I’d forgotten that I used to use this position years ago when I was beginning to open myself up with plugs. It’s a position I can use for ages, and doesn’t feel like I’m forcing anything as gravity does the majority of the work while you just balance your body over the plug. If you can lift your feet off the ground as well you get a special prize from me.
  5. Tease yourself. Don’t just go shoving it in and hoping for the best. You build up the pleasure by riding it, resting on it, moving your torso around. The journey is as important as the goal.
  6. Once it’s in, holding it in has a specific, mind-bending double fist intensity. Once holding it in is comfortable, try riding it all the way in and out. Riding it has a different specific intensity. I began riding it recently, and am looking forward to more of that. 

So I round out this article simply by saying I’m about to have a nice long evening of toy play on Grip 134 and Gape Keeper 116 to end my week. Having a last read through this article before publishing it on the blog has gotten me in the mood once again. 

Take me to the stars.


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