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Grip 134 and Me: A Love Story, Part I


Grip 134 and Me: A Love Story, Part I

We need to talk about Topped Toys. 

This Canadian toy company sent me a plug recently, the Grip 134, pictured above. Grip has made quite a splash in my hole, let me tell you! At first glance it’s got that classic cone shape of any standard plug; but look closer at the dimensions – or better yet, sit down on it – and you’ll see that this is no ordinary plug. It puts you at ease with its incredible softness, and in the end packs a real punch that my hole just loves. He’s more of a challenge than I was expecting, I gotta say. I haven’t felt so full in quite a while. If you’re looking to make that double fist extra comfortable inside you, the Grip 134 is your man. Read on for all the details on my experience with it thus far.

Here’s the Topped Toys story: 

Three guys – a silicone medical device manufacturer, a startup director and a marketing pro – were all frustrated with the lack of decent toys on the Canadian market. High-end dildo manufacturers weren’t shipping up there, or otherwise charging exorbitantly high shipping costs and jacked up exchange rates. So these guys put their heads together and made some local magic happen. Their focus is to provide high quality products that any discerning hole deserves (while keeping costs reasonable); plus a focus on anatomically friendly design (something that is generally lacking in the market), all around the centre-point of fun. The most interesting thing about their range is that each toy size is a design of its own, not a scaled up or down automatic process at all. As an example, the Grip 134 and the Grip 144 each have specific measurements optimising their size for your anatomy, rather than one just being an up-sized clone of the other. Cool, right?

In their own words:
This isn’t your Daddy’s cone plug (unless he’s your Daddy *wink*). With exceptional design detail and the best material available, The Grip is a cone plug that’s made by sluts, for sluts. You’ll love it. Trust us.

And now for a more detailed review directly from my asshole. 

I’ve been in a depth mood for good few months, borrowing various Hankey’s Toys from a friend to test out, but now Topped Toys and specifically Grip has piqued my ass’s interest for the plug once again. Looking at him sitting there patiently, so handsome and soft, makes my ass tickle. Just give me a moment, I need to pause writing this and sit down a bit on him…

Hey:) Sooooo I guess you could say I have a crush on Grip 134. It’s like we’ve been on two dates together, and I’m intrigued. He’s very handsome, thick and wide where it counts (4.25 inches at maximum diameter), but also incredibly soft and understanding. I get shy; he makes me weak at the knees. When I sit down on him I feel like he’s waiting until I’m ready, romancing me sweetly. It was disconcerting at first how soft he is, and I need to grind down a fair bit to feel like I’m making progress, but then – foomp! – it’s this tongue-wagging ecstatic capitulation; I give into him, and he’s in. You’d think this is where the story ends, but it’s not. Once that foomp happens, I thought ok, it’s done, but then he sails on in deeper while the ring of my asshole moves completely over the rim and settles down on the plug’s neck, which is also sizeable. I can’t emphasize enough that this is an experience. And then he’s locked in place, and I’m worlds away from that subtle, soft beginning. The fullness is extreme, my prostate is going mental and within seconds I am an orgasming mess, I shit you not. In short, he is A WHOLE DAMN LOT OF PLUG, and he happily goes well in there and doesn’t need to come out, fixing in place and even resisting when you pull him back out. I can tell that prolonged use of Grip 134 will be transforming my insides (as I said, making that double fist extra comfortable), especially once I can withstand that extreme feeling and keep the plug in for more than a few minutes. My goal is to vacuum the house while wearing it. Phew. Stay tuned.

A few other things to note about Grip 134

It is surprisingly soft at first, especially if you’ve been using cheaper plugs before. It needs a bit of elevation off the ground to go in effectively – a box or something else small and solid works a treat. Also, it has a suction base, allowing for carefree hands-free action and all that riding over the rim I will be doing very soon. Just keep a towel handy because the surface it’s attached to will gather lots of lube and Grip could slip out from underneath you and hit somebody in the eye. Regarding sizes, they’ve also just released an intro size 96 with a 3 inch diameter, so if you’re more on the beginner end of opening yourself up, give that one a spin. All info about their Grip range, as well as their other toys, you can find here.

Read more info about Grip in this Topped Toys blog entry. To be honest, I might need to cheat on Grip soon with the Gape Keeper, also by Topped Toys. *doesn’t bother wiping drool off face because there will just be more*… Topped Toys is definitely a success story in being good to your hole.

Love yourself!


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