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Best In Cunt, part 2

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Best In Cunt, part 2

Now’s the point where we level up. From here on out I’m speaking to the intermediate level of fisters, and this is where my title “Best In Cunt” starts to make sense.

Go to part 1 for:
1. For the beginners
2. How do you like it?
3. Excitement and relaxation
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This 2nd part of my Best In Cunt entry is divided into the following topics:
4. Being a thirsty hoe
5. Poppering up and other fun things
6. The Black Hole Zone

4. Being a Thirsty Hoe

Maybe your online profile is Bttm4FFun24/7 or Hungtopalwaysup4it, and you’re literally horny all the damn time. Maybe I missed something when Goddess Gaga was handing out the horniness hormones. But I’m not horny all the time, and I think those of you who say you are are probably lying. If you try to take a fist when you’re not really horny, it probably won’t work too well. Even if you’re open and there’s no reason for it to hurt, it’ll just be kind of lack-lustre. It happens at the best of times. It has happened to me when I’ve blocked the whole weekend, invited my fist buddy over, cleaned the house, am feeling good about my body, douching took no time at all, the weather is warm, everything is in place, and my ass just doesn’t feel like it. Luckily then you can always just top, but there’s no escaping the disappointment of having an ass that just isn’t in the mood. Like when you just can’t get the big butt plug in, just leave it and look forward to next time. I recommend in such instances when it’s not working to not flog a dead horse- just give it a break. Tomorrow’s another day, and good things come to those who wait. Save your greediness for a time when you really deserve it (see number 6 below).

5. Poppering up, and other fun things

In a previous post I warned against using drugs. I am a firm believer in finding a good connection with your top, where you can communicate both verbally and non-verbally- be it with a smile, a kiss, a nod, a touch of your hand on his leg, and so on. Only when you’ve found this connection and already feel very relaxed do I recommend taking any poppers. These days I do my first round of bottoming with maybe one of two whiffs towards the end, because they’re more effective if used as an enhancer rather than an enabler. I first get used to the fist, accept it, work on my connection with my top, and take some later once the feeling is established. Others may find it difficult to resist taking poppers in order to open up, and this that exists not only with poppers but also with harder drugs. The important question to ask yourself is, do you want to become reliant on pills and poppers in order to have sex? For me it’s a no-brainer, but is certainly easier said than done. Something not worth overlooking Is the overwhelming presence of party drugs in the fisting community. If you are going to use something, know how it works and how much to take so that you feel good and can look after your body. In my opinion the most commonly used drugs for fisting, in order of frequency, are GHB/GBL, MDMA, marijuana, mephedrone, 4fmp, cocaine, ketamine and speed. It helps to record what you took, how much and at what time, so that if something goes wrong someone can help you. Taking drugs also highlights the necessity to have a good relationship with your top. Make sure it’s someone who will be patient with you and look after you if you have a bad reaction.

6. The Black Hole Zone

For me, this is the part where all the work pays off. Sure, you already love the feeling of stretching, working at something that gives you and others pleasure, and you like discovering what you’re capable of. But the black hole zone, or orgasmic plateau, is what can happen when you’re already really open and loving everything your top is doing. For me it’s something highly connected to punching, so imagine you’re getting punched and I’ll continue from that perspective. The feeling may or may not lead to a full-on anal orgasm, but as far as I’m concerned this orgasmic plateau is the pinnacle of the fisting experience for a bottom. There are a few signs that indicate orgasmic plateau

  1. You are surprised at how loose and easy your hole feels.
  2. One hand starts to feel almost like nothing. The nerve endings at and in your hole kind of go to sleep, in a good way. They sense only pleasure.
  3. You keep telling your top he can go harder, and you start to feel submissive, like you’re really giving him your ass. You might say something like, “It’s your hole now.”
  4. With the increase in speed of the punches your hole starts to give you this strong wave of pleasure. It radiates from your ass out throughout your body.
  5. Your mind switches off, and all there is is your ass and the hand. You are just a hole, and you ride the wave of pleasure for as long as you can take it, before your ass eventually tells you it’s too tired.

This can last for a long time. I like to call it the orgasmic plateau because you reach a height, and you can stay there without needing to cum. Your top needs to stay focused and make sure you stop if you’re bleeding. As the bottom this is really your chance to shine. During it you and your top may feel creative and want to try different hand and body positions. Go for it, and see how good you can make it feel. Poppers at this point will really enhance the feeling, making you feel invincible. One observation I’ve made is that this feeling, this space, is elusive. Recently I didn’t feel it for a number of months, and then it just happened again on a particularly good bottoming day. Another observation I have is that this feeling is likely to start a fairly long time after you begin a session. For me it’s most often near the end of play, when I feel like my ass is almost too tired to continue. Of course that’s when it’s at its most open, and if you can convince yourself to keep going, you may end up a very happy little exhausted fist bottom.  

Have fun, and be safe.

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