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Welcome to MLFB! I’m Jazzmatazz, fisting enthusiast and information collector since 2012. I’m an Australian export to Germany (also since 2012 - coincidence?), have a non-monogamous partner of 15 years, am currently between cats, and I have a career in choir music.
I’m versatile for both FF and fucking, and the one thing that fascinates me most about fisting is the intersection where top and bottom psychology meet and connection can flourish. Around 2015 I started the blog just for myself as I processed what I was learning, but over the years it has gained a lot of traction with readers; fast forward to now and I co-host the world’s first fisting podcast, Such FFun with BigButtGeek (now 3 series deep), and have met and interviewed so many people in the fisting community, including sex workers, book writers, close friends, and anybody else who enjoys a good fist and has a unique take on it. We make a point of exposing fisting in the 21st century, with all the pluralism, colour and lack of shame fisting deserves. My background of queer-gay wave-riding includes working at a gay sauna, gay bar, queer choirs, gay pride fairs and a trans festival; absolutely trashing my dignity at circuit festivals and cruises for a few years; providing fisting information on other websites; and most recently instigating a circle of sober fisters in Berlin. Final thought: I’m so lucky to continuously learn and develop in this art form, and the best part is it gets to last a lifetime. Fisting is joyful, cathartic, primal and magical; it connects, it teaches responsibility, possibility, and meditation; and it allows me to use my body up thoroughly, like I always wanted to. Happy fisting!

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