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Hey! I’m Jazzmatazz, your friendly versatile fister next door.
I live in Berlin, have one and a half boyfriends, and work as a classical musician.

I’ve been into fisting since I can remember, and started actually doing it when I was 23 back in 2012, coincidentally the same year I moved to the land of dirty pigs (Germany) from my wholesome hometown of Brisbane, Australia. In the beginning I had to figure a lot of things out myself, but through the years I exchanged plenty of ideas with other fisters. This all tumbled out of control and at some point I was exhausting even my non-fisting friends with conversations about the techniques and psychology of my favourite hobby.

It was then that I decided I needed an outlet, and in the year of our Lord 2017 was born. It started as a place to write about my encounters and personal development, and has since expanded to include all sorts of information gathered from playmates both more and less experienced than me, all with the aim of developing a deeper understanding of how and why we fist. Ultimately I have come to see this blog as a gift to you, the readers that belong to and enhance my beloved fisting community. Nothing is truly altruistic - I’m coming for your fists one day!

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